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imagine Sherlock was teaching John how to dance and the waltz ended and I Can’t Make You Love Me started playing and Sherlock rushed to turn it off nervously but a few lines had played before he found the off button so when he turned over John was looking at him, breathing raggedly, and their eyes locked and they just stared at each other for good few minutes before they shook it all off eventually and pretended nothing ever happened

#cry with me
i am



1. Forcibly separated into two or more pieces

2. Sundered by divorce, separation, or desertion of a parent or parents

3. Incomplete

4. Crushed by grief: died of a broken heart

5. Not functioning

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I hate it when people defend a character/person or get mad at people for disliking a character/person that happens to be a woman or a POC. I know that sounds bad but hear me out. When you go “oh you don’t like x because they’re a woman” or  ”you don’t like y because they’re black” you’re reducing them to that. A woman or a POC. There’s so much more to them than that. Yes them being a woman or a POC is a facet of who they are as a human being, but it’s not their defining characteristic. Sure, I don’t like people who happen to be women, but it’s not because of their gender it’s because of the characteristics of their personality. When you force racism or sexism on someone else’s views then that makes you a bad person and you need to settle the fuck down. Look at the character or the person as a whole instead of a part of their biological make up and judge character that way. 


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